Thursday, 23 January 2014

Do we really need fun in our life

The larger question in modern times is that having fun all the times is the source of utmost joy in one’s life or is it a drastic path to life? We, this generation, have bestowed with uncanny experiences and garnered great scope in leading the life. Although we have empowered with huge potential and harnessing the mind in correct tune to gets the thing done, then why all this worse things happening to us? Are we not capable of holding the lighter side of life or have we not tune the correct rhythm to match the cord? Life has become complicated now than ever before in the history. Our antique culture has few resources to delve with and lead the contented life with no grudge or animosity. They knew the root cause of being happy and followed the simpler trick in making that happen to them. But today, all to the contrary, we have invented the innumerable technologies which served us with great deal and engage us with the interest of our own. Technology driving us in all aspect of our life and drains our energy without any physical endeavors. We spend most of the time with technologies and life has totally relied upon with these modern inventions. Earlier, in olden days, chances of untoward incidents happened to human community was very less and it could be well predicted the root cause of any dearth. In those days, people were died of epidemic and other natural calamities. Sages were predicted the cause of any death before any havoc happened to that society. They were the ones who have given the calendar of our times. But today, there is no chance of predicting the death. Every day is a tough day because of the simpler reason that anything can happen at any time. Untoward incidents may happen to anyone though he has moved cautiously. The contemporary life is like driving a car. We should get what we want. Most of us are destined our life as like this. “NO MERCY, NO BENEVOLENCE". Jealousy and Covetousness are deeply imbibed and rooted in most of the hearts. These two make them unruly and behave disorderly in more instances. Unless we bring in some change in social living and inculcate the social values to the modern youth, then the future of human society will be of big question, although science and technology keep growing at rapid pace. So how this can be possible and make to happen? Solution is that the university should focus on this issue and educate the student’s not only technological part but also on compassion. At least the younger generation must have the compassion and empathy towards the social causes.  

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