Thursday, 16 January 2014

So far I have written about my inner feeling and the emotions equally embedded in my mind. But today, I am  going to pen something which I really want to share with you all. This post is to clarify some of the implicit doubts which the human always ponder for. I am not a prophet or philosopher but I have learned from human life. Though my age is not par to the request, but I am holding this tough thoughts in me since my childhood. I should thank my father for turned me rational first and inculcate some valuable differences exist in the society. I am rational because of the simpler reason that no one in this world is perfect and immaculate. We are all addicted and infringe to certain tastes. The advice which we get from someone is sheer waste and it will not bring any trueness in you. We need to experience all the hardships and struggles to empower us. There are many people in this world, attempting to give solutions for the unknown one. First we need to understand that the world is void and we are living our life on the own. Everyone in this world have their own potential and opinion to share with and enjoy in accordance to that. But some people want to be smarter than others and divert us to engage in some activities and try to envision our mind. As an individual, everyone has the sole capacity to take decisions and lead forward.. There is nothing drive us forward. It is absolutely you who are determining the flow of execution in every action of life. The nature will do and react according to the individual actions. Don’t think that the nature is not listening us. All the calamity and destruction in this world were happened with respect to the individual’s decision and their potential actions. What actually it means to us, simply this, "Be good, think gud, and live gud". Don’t even think bad internally. All the inner feelings would have also made drastic impact on this earth. Don’t talk ill of others, don’t do any evil to others. Try to help and bring some prosperity in other life if they totally succumbed. 
The nature reacts and flourish based on the each and every individuals decisions and actions. The nature won’t do anything bad unless we don’t do anything reverse or evil things to it. For all the problem, there is a solution.. But we the people will always looking for solutions and finally fall into the resolutions. 
Many people preach about YOGA and other form of human well beings. Those are absolutely perfect and right. But don’t totally afflicted to that. It’s all about your mind control and power to harness the good things. No need to spend some extra time for this in exclusive place or ashrams. You can do those by sitting in your home or in private places. How long you can inhale and control your breath, so long you can live with good health.. There are some steps to be learned. It can be done easily if u are totally dedicated to your work. It’s enough.. The absolute dedication in your task is the biggest YOGA you ever do.. So don’t please enticed to those words given by some people. 
Eventually, I will conclude with one thing. No one is right and no one knows nothing about the universe. All the speculations and suggestions given to us all based on the human life history and the experiences which we observed closely. Don’t fall and prey to other words easily. 
Be happy and live the life happily. 
Your happiness abides in your hands and minds.
No one can give you supreme power to lead the life unless you decided.

Thank you for reading my post.

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